Either Anthropologie doesn’t understand how food works, or we’ve all been eating wrong this whole time

Anyone who’s ever stepped foot in an Anthropologie store has imagined a better life for themselves. They’ve planned dinner parties for 8-12 of their closest friends in kitchens where organically-sourced cotton tea towels are thrown haphazardly on a breakfast nook. They’ve thumbed through their capsule wardrobe for the perfect fair isle cardigan, and slipped on mule slides lined with sheep shorn by New Zealand herders.

Anthropologie is a perfectly-crafted, pastel-toned world that one pretends they can afford, while slyly making their way towards the sale rack. It’s a dream we will keep on reaching for because I NEED THESE SOY CANDLES AND MY HOME WON’T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT THEM!

As writer and Anthropologie enthusiast @alanna hilariously pointed out, the brand needs a little help showing people how to actually use their kitchen items. Really, they need to show the photographer.

I, an intellectual, EXCLUSIVELY eat all desserts from a tiny bowl. It’s called portion control, hellooooo…

Does, does Anthropologie know what pancakes are, actually. They should be the size of a pan, by definition.

Pears didn’t do anything to deserve this.

This baking dish is how you cook scrambled eggs, right?

Asking for a friend.

Ok, but some poor PA had to bust out the spiralizer for these measly zoodles?

Step 4: Tenderize your tiny artichokes by throwing them down your marble staircase.

I’m having a dinner party, and by party I mean me and by dinner I mean whatever my kid decided she didn’t want to eat.

Sorry, but these plates are too nice to actually put food on. Pull out the Target stuff for that… peasant.

Um, same TBH.

Less talkie, more mallow.

Nobody show this to England.

Me making dinner for 2 vegans and a vegetarian:

BRB gonna go peruse the rest of the site so I know what to get on my next Trader Joe’s run.

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